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August 06, 2015



I remember an interview with him in Rolling Stone or Spin where he gave British skate punks The Stupids a thumbs up, he said he discovered them via his son. This would have been in the mid/late 80's. Not exactly hardcore but not what you might expect from Bowie either.


Can't remember exactly where this was, but in a late-70s Cleveland/Akron-centric article he discussed both Devo and The Dead Boys.....then drifted into talking about Stiff Records (specifically The Damned and Elvis Costello) and how impressed he was with Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds as producers.
(Sorry, there are at least 5 Northern Ohio?Cleveland music/entertainment papers that are now defunct and I'm thinking it's in one of those that I saw the article.)

And< YES, Tin Machine could be DEEliciosly nastaayyy!

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