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July 15, 2015



Hey Alex-

I'm a regular reader here and I admire your tenacity and commitment to making your voice heard. I'm about the same age as you. I didn't grow up here like you did but I have lived here now-for the love of god-29 years. Most or maybe even all of your grievances with how the city has changed are identical to mine. It's good to know that there others out there seeing things the way they really are and not blindly accepting the absurd dismantling of all the things that made New York City great. Reading that list you railed off...I'm still amazed that so many places vanished.

There have always been a few constants in this city that are now completely disappearing. It was a dark, weird, mysterious, unpredictable, intellectual kind of place. Why would anyone want to take something so unique and turn it into a pile of bland consumerism?

Oh well…whatever…nevermind.

By the time your 11th anniversary rolls around I'll probably be out of here, possibly LA…I'm not kidding.

Here's to another 10 years!

EV Grieve

Congratulations Alex!

10 more! 10 more!


yes -- love the blog, long may it continue!

Bob Egan

Congrats on keeping the Flame alive for the decade! - Bob

Sean Connery

Congrats, dog.


Congrats on the awesome anniversary!

Brad O'Sullivan



I am SURE that you didn't construct this post so that I would have a tiny lump in my throat as I read it through.....expecting that (with the prominent "STOP" in the header pic and all) the last paragraph would spell the demise of your blog. And then.....

I SAW THE GOOD NEWS!.....ripped off ALL my clothes, pounded a bottle of Jack and an ounce of the Good Stuff, grabbed the dog, and ran around madly in ALL directions in the back-forty with fireballs shooting out of BOTH our asses....ohhhh, it was a JOYOUS romp. I'll tell 'ya!

But riddle me this Batman.....there has GOT to be a way for you to make some bucks off of the enthusiasm, knowledge and sense of humor (sic:+) that you bring to your blog. I know setting things up independently, and then getting a distributor/broadcaster, is not an easy or guaranteed way of making money. But there's something here at your blog that I don't find in many other places. (If I had the money, I would back you on a half-hour video series of you and the kids doing a "Forgotten/Found NYC"......but I KNOW......WHERE would it be shown in order to recoup?) GOT to turn your magic into money somehow....and, once again, I KNOW it ain't easy.

And about the name.....NEVER's one of the few fuckin' things that has remained constant around here! (I find a certain mix of Absinthe and Tequila make it flame-up REEEEL GOOD!) :+)


10 years! Right on! keep it coming brother!


I love this blog, even when it breaks my heart. NYC is change but it's hard not to feel sentimental. Perhaps it's a reminder of how fleeting it all is...

Gaylord Perry

I pitched for more than 20 years. Writing is a lot less stressful on your arm than pitching, so I bet you can do another 10 without a problem.

Oh, and buy my book, "Me And The Spitter."

David Sierra

keep it up.


Just catching up on some of my reading - I missed this one. You can add "inspiration" to your list of accomplishments here as well, as Flaming Pablum was definitely one of a handful of sites that was a huge influence on what I'm doing over on mine. Congrats on 10 long as you want to keep doing it - I'll keep reading!

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