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June 17, 2015



Ridiculous but not surprising. If your iPhone is more important than actually being engaged in an event you've decided to attend, what's the fucking point. Just stay home and play with your phone.


To my ears: 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn' is better than 'The Wall'

Alex in NYC

Well, that's not really my point. PIPER.. is, relatively speaking, a much humbler, simpler and endearingly amateurish affair as compared to the uber-produced and slickly executed WALL.


I had these two girls come in one night. They both ponied up the $5 cover for two live bands (+ cheap booze- smoking deal!) They sat across from each other on their phones for like two hours! Fuckin' amazing.


I totally agree, Piper at the Gates is way better. I was never really a fan of The Wall to begin with. At one time years ago I liked the track 'Young Lust' because of the overdubbed phone conversation, I thought that was a cool thing to work into the song, but now when I hear some of the lyrics it makes me cringe. Not a big fan of hearing the children's chorus on 'Another Brick In the Wall' either. However 'Run Like Hell' still holds up pretty well.

If you want to talk later era Floyd I think ANIMALS is their best album. The music and the artwork on that notch darkness.

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