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June 04, 2015



Hey, I was just remembering this as I was posting about the new "Rom" comic elsewhere on the Internet and came across your page through a Google search.

I totally recall a life-size Rom. I'm not a New Yorker, so I'm not sure if I saw it in the same location, but I was on a family vacation and I vividly recall seeing a Rom statue, which was amazing at the time.

I recall it being at the entrance of some men's clothing store (would've been around 1987). I really wish I could remember what it was called.

I also wish I had a camera, that my parents didn't drag me off so quickly to see real New York stuff, and that I grew up to be independently wealthy. But we all want things we can't have ;)

Gary Martin, Jr.

Hi; I research ROM Spaceknight for fun and I've been looking into this sculpture business for a little while. Wish I could've seen it in person! Heck I just want to find out the creator's name.

What I can share is three photos of it I've found online, and some anecdotal info given me by another witness.

A fellow collector said the ROM sculpture was exhibited at a New York comic convention (unknown year) at which the sculptor was selling 2 different photos of it for $1 of only ROM & one with the sculptor himself ( The person who put this photo online there also told me directly that the sculptor mentioned his ROM had earlier been on display at a NYC museum, possibly an outdoor sculpture garden (could this be a SoHo location?).

The 2 other photos I had found were put online by Chris Ryall, the writer of the current ROM reboot at IDW; I haven't gotten around to asking him yet for further info.

As for a men's clothing store: I have some 1980's Marvel Update newsletters that show promotional decorations of Spider-Man & other characters inside a few department stores, including Sanger Harris, Foley's, and May D&F (any of those ring a 30-year-old bell?).

---A ROM Curator, Gary Martin, Jr. (replace all @ with . and the + with @)

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