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May 04, 2015



Ah…..The English Pub. It was owned by Vito DiLucia who was a friend of my Fathers. Vito also owned two other restaurants on 6th Avenue: La Groceria the wedge shaped building where Sixth Avenue meets W. 4th. (There's a Papaya place there now) and O'Henry's Steak House on the same corner.

I drank in The English Pub from the early 70’s to the early 80’s. They had a good (for its time) selection of beer, including several English beers on tap. Bear in mind these were the days before so called “craft beers” so it was kind of a big deal. They also had a patio out back, and if they weren’t busy, you could smoke joints out there and the wait staff didn’t care or would join you. Next door was an Italian restaurant called Emilio’s that also had an out outdoor garden, I remember it being nicer than the pub’s garden.

Nick Kaplan

Does anyone know the address of the English Pub? Are there anymore photos and when did it disappear?
-Nick Kaplan

Glenn Leahey

I remember going to the English Pub...not to drink...born in 1963, I went there with my older sister, and me ex=brother in law...who lived over my St. Mark's Place...Astor through the every early 197s....knew it was on 6th Avenue...had NO idea it was so close to the Waverly THeater...and to 8th Street. It MUST have been closed by @1983 or so...should check for the EXACT address...maybe walk down there with my sister...and at least one of her kids...on a shopping/walking trip through that segment of the West Village. I knew 8th Stret...COLD in the 1980s...and even early 90s..until it became ALL women's shoe stores. Had a co-worker...and English lady for played organ/keyboard for Patti Austin...lived on north side of Eighth of those walk up brownstones which have since either been torn down or concerted to retail only....she was in the 2nd/3rd buioding in from the GREY'S PAPAYA...which is also on 72nd abd Broadway (since the 70s), and I believe also on 86th @3rd Avenue.

Brian O'Malley

I used to go to the English Pub frequently in the late 1960's as a fugitive from the 21 year old drinking age in New Jersey (18 was legal in New York at the time). I remember it as dark, rustic and very like, well, an English Pub. I don't remember the theater being that close either, but there it is belying my recollection.

T.P. Williams

Drank there in early 70’s. Had L shaped bar with short end by the front window. Had a wonderful dark beer - Prior Dark - on tap as well as Watney’s Red Barrel. Best eats - plowman’s lunch (a kind of cheese board). Great jukebox. Unbelievably funny and wild graffiti in men’s room. Sometimes live music in the back. Liked it was like 15 feet from subway entrance. Waverly Theater steps away.


Please delete the post I made on july,08 2020 at 09.55AM.I should not have mentioned names.

Thank You,


Alex in NYC



Giorgio here. I believe that the Pub closed sometime around 1980-81. They had a four year lease from what I was told recently, but there were apparently other issues involved in the closing. I still keep in contact with an english woman who worked there, and her husband. They live up in the Woodstock area. I was a regular at the pub beginning in the summer of 1974 (maybe 1975). Their Sheppard's Pie was renowned throughout the Village. For dinner, we used to gravitate between the Pub and McBells, Just a couple blocks up the street. A lot of the crew from Folk City used to hang out with us at the Pub, icluding The Roche Sisters who worked the bar, Frank Christian, and The Porko family who would stop in from time to time. I worked there briefly sometime around '76-'78' and saw Pacino, Woody Allen, Robert Palmer (NY Times), Phil Ochs (a couple days before hie died), and a bevy of other artists on an occasional basis. Lucinda Willimas was a bar maid at Folk City and used to come in to visit me and our long time pal Teddy Johnson, a Folk City cook whose "office" like mine, was The Pub. Oh how I miss that joint. My wife advised that to preserve others privacy, that I should not mention the names of the women who were leasing the place.

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