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May 21, 2015



I too got to see Dave at NBC back in 1986, and like your experience, the camera was pointed up into the audience that night as well. Later that night when we were watching the show I could clearly see myself on TV. One of the guests that night was Tony Randall. I've looked all over YouTube for clips from that taping but they are nowhere to be found. I wish I could locate it. Years later I also got to see Dave in the Ed Sullivan Theater.

I can remember Letterman when he was still doing rounds on the old afternoon talk shows back in the late 70s early 80s. One appearance he made…I guess it was on The Mike Douglas Show, I remember being very funny. I also remember being home sick during high school years and seeing his short-lived morning show. I thought it was a riot! Then not long after it was cancelled. Although I wasn't a steady a viewer of The Late Show in the last 10 or so years, back in the Late Night NBC days I watched very often. I remember seeing the infamous show with Andy Kaufman and that wrestler guy that slapped him out of his chair. During the years 83-84ish through 86, I think I watched the show every night. Watching old clips of Dave tossing stuff of the building in New Rochelle still cracks me up today. The man will be missed. One of the greats!

James Taylor

I saw Dave in '08 and I can confirm that the Ed Sullivan Theater was no warmer than the studio at 30 Rock. In fact my wife used to often point out how the legs of female guests appeared to be turning blue. And I had the exact same reaction to Dave "turning it off" during the commercial break.

I love watching the older shows. You forget how off-the-cuff TV was not so long ago, a thousand miles from today's corporate-sponsored celebrity gushing (which, to his credit, Letterman did remain mostly impervious). Similarly, one thing that always strikes me is how guests used to seem like they were wearing their own clothes -- as if they'd dropped in during the middle of their day.

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