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May 26, 2015


Paul Wady

He was living by the Hudson, by the sea? Yep, just like the Mersey. Central park was his Calderstones park, over the road from Auntie Mimi's on Menlove Avenue, Liverpool, where my family lived for over 30 years. He'd have roamed and sampled but sooner or later he'd have to touch down somewhere and be blokey. Get into some good arguments. It's what Scousers do, La? Look for working class bars with real characters in them? People he could get his teeth into. Nothing fancy.


In 1975 I spotted John and Yoko on Central Park West, I was across the street from them on the park side. John looked at me, I smiled and waved, John waved back.

From 2006 to 2012, I worked at E.U.E. Screen Gems on east 44th street, as a Technical Director for The Rachael Ray Show (don’t hold that against me) when it taped there. Around the corner on East 43rd is Sushi Yasuda; an upscale Japanese restaurant, where we would go from time to time for lunch. I saw Yoko there three times and spoke with her once. Yoko was approachable, charming and gracious during our conversation lasting about five minutes.

James Taylor

About ten years ago my brother was visiting New York for the first time. One day he got lost in Central Park while searching for the "Strawberry Fields" memorial and decided to ask for directions. He turned around and who should be standing there but Yoko.

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