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March 07, 2015



We always called him First & the first couple of the last couple of sentences....and split to less pretentious viewpoints.....


David George

I agree with your distaste for his style and always did.

Yup--he's got the knowledge and has done his time, but his biggest crime has always been that he tries way too hard to be (and sound) "writerly."


Epic review Alex...I think I'll be avoiding this one.

James C. Taylor

This is brilliant.

Truth be told I only read "The Dean" when consulting his exhaustive/exhausting yet endearingly quaint website, the reviews on which are usually as obtuse as they are pithy. I can imagine how a whole book could get a little much...

Rick McGinnis (@rickmcginnis)

Xgau has always been reputable and authoritative, but the one thing he's never been - and has, tragically, striven fruitlessly to be - is readable.

Gaylord Perry

Best review OF Xgau can be found on Take No Prisoners.

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