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March 04, 2015



Loved Wetlands, that was where the first time I ever kissed a girl, downstairs by the phone booth.

Phil Dokes

reading this makes me wonder if there will be any iconic music halls of this generation. Are there any?? (i'm way out of that demographic i'm afraid)


Why is the Fillmore East off this list?

Alex in NYC

Well, like I said, I never asserted that it was an authoritative or comprehensive list. There are scads more venues, clubs and theaters I could have cited.


I remember going to Gildersleeves starting in May 1978. We'd see Angel and Bratz. My friends that took me there had been going there for a little while, at least. I loved it in there, they had a great sound system with a juke box and Because the Night came around pretty often because Patti was a local girl made good and people were really proud of her. A feeling of excitement was palpable every time those big speakers pumped that song out. I remember thinking this is really something as I looked through the cigarette smoke at the crowd dancing and trying to see past the pillars that held the ceiling up. I knew I was seeing something transitory and that I should make an effort to let it sink in my memory. Too bad there's no inside photos of the place on the web, but it was a rough neighborhood and you're not going to bring your expensive camera gear down there, and besides I think we were all having such a frantic good time chewing up the city and spitting it out that nobody had the time or inclination to do something as pedestrian as photography and filming, which attitude I am sure we are all regretting now. It was a pretty big room, probably a restaurant or club when built. CBGB was a traditional long saloon shape with the bar running along a long wall, just like thousands of old bars in NYC. The thing I remember most about that place was how the wood planks on the floor were wavy from the hundred years of spilt beer, and the godawful smell of the place, which clearly had never been cleaned in all that time. Just the sawdust shoved out the door. But it smelled no worse than the place in South Ozone Park that had thousands of old shoes, mostly sneakers, hanging from the walls and ceiling. Old New York, what a place. Glad I was there to see it in all it's decay, and I'll have to dig up the photo shoot that I did in the abandoned Adventures Inn amusement park back then.

matthew caws

i also loved the peppermint lounge

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