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March 26, 2015


Tom Kennedy

I was there as guitar tech for Johnny it was at Joey’s on the roof for sure Danny and I set up some Props some road cases, guitars and drums There was a bunch of crappy getto blasters and a sledge hammer lol Hung out at Joeys with him and Linda in his deluxe but small apartment Linda was super polite offering my coffee/drink so I had a coke The video was shot by a guy from Boston I think Everyone was late as always it was a hot summer
day in the village

Tom Kennedy

Another time I was in the back of the van with Marc and Dee Dee was in the coveted front seat with Monty at the wheel as we waited the usual hour for Joey suddenly Dee Dee yelled “hey Debbie” she came over and it was Debra Harry from Blondie! They were chatting and she stuck her head in the window and looked in back then she asked Dee Dee who I was and he replied that’s Tom our roadie to my amazement she said “hummm he’s cute” talk about making my day!
Turns out she lived in the same building but they never knew she lived there and had know idea lol
Also the same place where Johnny was unfortunately attacked across the street
I have no idea who owned the apartment but Joey and Johnny were often there
We spent countless hours there sitting in the van waiting for Joey!
Gameshow 🎸

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