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March 27, 2015


Tim B

That fellow would be Nick Marden (Stimulators & Even Worse), not Harley.

Tim B

Whoops...sorry. I see it got corrected somewhere between me reading it in my RSS feed, and seeing it here on the blog. Good work!


Sad but happy to come to this post and see that old photo I remember you posting previously. Looking at the aftermath photos, the collapse was only contained to those buildings on 2nd Avenue. The Jimmys No. 43 is still standing as is the whole building on 7th Street and on 2nd Avenue Enz botique right next door is standing. This is nuts. Especially when you read the supposed cause being an odd gas line connection the owner made from one building to another that was completely legal. The explosion happened in the building where Toy Tokyo used to be and the residential apartments never existed back then. I guess the owner did a conversion at some point after Toy Tokyo left but cut corners? Sounds ridiculous they could do that and it was legal and then this happened. My thoughts are with anyone/everyone who experienced loss in this tragedy.

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