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February 17, 2015



Browsing, please. As an occasional city visitor I'd find it most useful.

Rick McGinnis (@rickmcginnis)

All of the above. Extra votes for the pizza and diner posts - I keep wondering what's happened to all these places every time I'm back in NYC. Also, Live Skull - saw them a few times (once opening for the Minutemen at Irving Plaza). Never a big fave, but yeah - what happened to them?


Loneliest spots sounds interesting, not that I plan committing a homicide.


Personally, I'm intrigued by areas that refuse to submit to the typical expectations of a property market that's overdosed on neoliberalism. Whether they’re parks or forgotten corners, they remind us that the game isn’t over yet. Places to browse are also interesting, mainly because they too remind us that cities aren’t just for cheap coffee, expensive food, and yuppies.

James C. Taylor

They all sound great to me! Except Live Skull. Never heard of 'em.


Literally every one of those sounds interesting to me.


All of the above.

Especially Live Skull!


They all sound good - especially the browsing one. Glad I'm not the only one who always shows up early.

EV Grieve

They all sound good (dunno about the kids one, since, like I don't have any). I really like:

Good Riddance: Some Businesses I’d Like to See Close

Places Where You Can Still Browse


Actually, I'd like to read what you think about all those things. I'm especially down for "Places Where You Can Still Browse."


Browsing and Homicide, please! Less about what is gone, and more about what is, says me.....

Chris Barrus

As a NYC occasional (back out on March 11) I'd love to see Browse and Good Riddance.

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