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February 12, 2015


Elizabeth Blumberg

I agree up till the last line. I give mad props to all the transplants who take a risk and come to share their energies to make the city great. But they have an experience -- growing up elsewhere -- that we do not. That's cool. While we have an experience -- growing up here -- that they do not. Their different experience gives them an interesting filter through which to see the city and so does ours. There's definitely an impact to having your internal schema lined up with the grid system of New York, and there's a level of balls-out commitment that is not limited to the Natives as god knows we have plenty of people here who can't go home, but when you're from here, failing out of New York means ending up in NYCHA, not going to live in your parents' suburban basement.


I don't care where you were born, but you have to have gone to elementary and high school in NYC to call yourself a New Yorker in my book.

James C. Taylor

With reference to your "meaningless tournament of one-upsmanship", I find lot of native New Yorkers know less about the city than a lot of transplants (or at least this one). My colleague has never had an egg cream. I had to explain to my boss that the Bronx is not in Manhattan.


Unless you've lived in this town a minimum of 10-15 years, dealt with the realities of living here AND at least made an attempt to contributing to or being part of the REAL culture of New York City, I would say don't call yourself a New Yorker. All others...wherever you're from, if you've done the've earned it.


"I don't care where you were born, but you have to have gone to elementary and high school in NYC to call yourself a New Yorker in my book."

Born at Saint Vincent's Hospital
Elementary: PS 42
High School: Stuyvesant High School (when it was on 15th St.)
BFA in Stage Management from Tisch School of the Arts
MFA - in Technical Direction from Yale (hated New Haven)

So yeah, I'm a New Yorker, and transplants are cool by me. In my many ways, being a "New Yorker" is an attitude.

Unkle Waltie

44 years and counting...never felt the need to go to any other place once I arrived here on September 11th, 1970. Yep, that was the date. A bright, sunny September morning. I will never forget the feeling of wonder I experienced when I stepped off an Icelandic Airlines plane after a 20 hour flight from Luxembourg, with stop-over in Reykjavik. Whether or not I'm being considered a New Yorker by some people is totally inconsequential to my life. Best regards from East 5th Street.


I don't know..I was born and raised in Soviet Union, and can say that the hardships of growing up in a harsh environment are universal. Anyone coming from former Soviet block will pretty much have it quite easy to become a New Yorker and fit in the realities of this town.


There are just some people, regardless of birthplace, who are true New Yorkers. They usually are folks who don't follow ridiculous trends, have strong opinions, appreciate dark humor, have actual conversations with their neighbors (elders, especially) and last but least are incredibly curious about the world beyond their own four walls.


Clicked too fast:
I meant to say "last but NOT least..."

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