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January 20, 2015



No-Tell was run by Deb Parker, the woman who was the original owner of the Beauty Bar on 14th and Babyland.


I was there opening night .. Blew up balloons , and smoked a joint inside with the... Owner! Awesome bar!!

deb Parker

"The Strip" was my first bar, a once a week take over of McCarthy's on 14th street with erupting toilets and crazy ,great garage and psychedelic bands (booked by my partner Gary Balaban), then came my favorite home away from home: "No -Tell Motel" - my first full time bar! (I also did "Girl Bar" nights at Boy Bar and "Girl World"events at The World) While No-tell was still running I opened "Babyland" which was an old kid's store turned insane kid themed bar & ice cream parlor (?!) and we would all go back and forth on Ave A between the two joints. After that came "Beauty Bar", & "Barmacy" (with partner Paul Devitt)... but truly "No-Tell" had the best ,insane staff of wild, tough women and funny, sweet guys and really wacky clientele, obscenely drunken nights and soo much FUN! The East Village was funky and dirty and dangerous and great back then; really we felt like nocturnal outlaws! I miss it, but that era has gone and I don't look back, but in fondness. NYC is a rich kids playground now. Club 57 started it all and Mudd club, Tier Three, Area all followed. I remember when you did that interview and no one who worked there gave a fuck about celebrities. We were the celebrities, or so we thought, and man did we have a good run! Thanks for bringing it all home again.

deb Parker

I forgot to mention the Pyramid which was life changing ! I booked Thurs nights there with Jody Kurilla We called it "Mod Tee Pee" and we booked some great bands and she d.j ed but between Lady Bunny, Wendy Wild, Brian Butterick, Zack at the door and the whole crew there, that place was magical and so dark (literally)!


I had a big crush on the owner Deb. I had a pierced nose, braids or long skirts and I chased after her in a truck one night. Screaming I love you Deb, marry me...We had so much fun. I remember one time I was kissing a bridge and tunnel girl and her boyfriend came in and wanted to beatbme up with a canenthe bartender hitd me behind the bar and threw him out. Then, I stayed the rest of the night singing and having fun and playing with everybody. When it was time to go the bartender picked me up and carried me outside and dumped me in a big pile of snow. I had so much fun in that bar...

And I crushed on Deb Parker for years::

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