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January 25, 2015



Do you recall a record store on Macdougal st right off 8th st. It was in that little strip of stores, where theres a vintage shop now. I think i remember walking up a flight of stairs outside. This goth punk type dude with an English accent worked the counter. This had to be around '95, '96 maybe.

Alex in NYC

Hey there, Bob -- Yes, I do. In fact, that was the *ORIGINAL* site of Bleecker Bob's. But yeah -- at some point in the mid-to-late 90's, it hosted a punky t-shirt shop (yes, with a Brit behind the counter) that had previously operated on East 6th Street. I remember almost buying a Clash t-shirt there I'd never seen which featured some of the caricatures from the lyrics sheet from The Clash's SANDINISTA. Honestly don't remember if they sold records or not, though. It's gone now, of course.


i think the name "david j" should be reserved for the REAL david j!

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