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January 18, 2015



I never went to the Milk Bar, so I could be wrong about this (maybe someone else here remembers better), but I was under the impression that it was first an after hours place, as far back as the 80s, BEFORE it was the kind of place that would have a fridge magnet or an ad in the Voice. I think that list of other clubs might be more appropriate than you think.

Alex in NYC

Hmmmm...not at this address it wasn't, I don't believe.


I think I am confusing it with Save The Robots, for some reason. But I checked with someone who'd know better than me, and he tells me there was indeed another "Milk Bar", one that had bands, and multiple floors (but not after hours). In a triangular (a la Flatiron) WHITE brick building (get it? MILK Bar) on Varick St., near Carmine. Circa 80s.


Corner of Varick & Crosby. Now known as Little Branch, or at least that was its most recent incarnation.

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