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January 06, 2015



There were other examples of them putting stuff from one city in another city's episode as well. In the Chicago episode there is a montage of punk rock kids and one of the most prominently shown photos is of Mike Bullshit standing outside of CBGB. Mike wrote a zine and was the singer in a couple of notable NYHC bands.


Loved 99 Records back in the day. Got my ESG, Singers and Players, Bush Tetras, and many other discs there. I remember paying $22 for PIL's Metal Box there-- the most I had ever paid for music up til then. If I remember correctly, Ed was nice enough to take my name and number and he called me as soon as it came in and held it for me. That's old-school customer service, folks. I believe they were the first place in the city to carry it. He was very cool and helpful, and a nice guy too. Still have all those records. Cheers to him wherever he is today.

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