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January 23, 2015


Gaylord Perry

That video was circulating on VHS for years. I remember in the outside scene, after the show fell apart (not that it ever really got going), there was a dude in a white jumpsuit walking around with his finger in GG's ass. Ah, gotta love JC and his loyal band of followers!

c. marie

Actually the early days of The Gas Station long preceded Corey Staff's video and GG Allin. It was founded in 1986 by Osvaldo Gomariz, Xavier Domingo and Ruben Garcia. Osvaldo was an Argentinian-Spanish painter who moved to NY in the early 80s; Xavier a Catalan doctor-phototographer. Ruben, a local artist, I hardly knew. The original idea was a performance/art studio gathering space for local artists, poets, musicians to collaborate and reclaim some of the apocalyptic landscape that was then the East Village. Allen Ginsberg and Basquiat hung out there in the early days; it was a very mixed crowd. Local artists, junkies, visiting painters/musicians from Latin America and Europe, street kids. When I was in college I would help out serving Osvaldo's famous vodka watermelon drinks at weekends. Osvaldo was my brother-in-law, long departed now. He died of AIDS in the mid-90s around the time the video was made.

c. marie

PS. Great posts about the old East Village, thanks! I left in 1989 and haven't really been back...I'm sure I'd be shocked.

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