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September 20, 2014



In reference to the scribe's comments on the LCD Soundsystem tune..

"It's a hilarious blend of white, privilege-blind inclinations to focus on how your life has gotten more boring now that it's harder to find drug dealers in Manhattan.'

I'll tell you what's 'hilarious'...that all convenient, very simple, easy to digest reference to to crime that everybody on the other side of the gentrification argument loves to bring up. Right…all of us "cigarette scorched" cry babies that bemoan the changes in the city would rather have muggings and drug dealers in the street than have nice restaurants and chains everywhere. Boo-fucking-hoo for us dusty old anti-corporate hipsters.

Yeah…heard that one before.

But of course...that's what New York was all about previously…drug dealers. That kept it from being 'boring'. Get a clue.

How about the music scene is dead. NYC used to churn out the stuff of legend on a regular basis. From the days of the Five Spot to the Fillmore East to CBGB and even The Continental and Coney Island High. It all came from here. Now? Name at least five good rock clubs in Manhattan. Record stores? Poof..gone. How about film revival? At one time there were several great revival theaters, now it's down to one. And how about flea markets and vintage? There were tons at one time not that long ago. Those spots have literally been turned into condos or other such entities that cater to the affluent. One recently closed after 20 years(!) to make way for a 'boutique hotel'.

Drug dealers? You're going to put down New Yorkers…and that''s the best you can do?

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