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September 22, 2014



Im not a runner but have you had your yearly physical ? Maybe get a check up with a Dr that specializes in sports medicine.


How old are your sneakers? If you are running every day in worn out shoes you will definitely feel it. Go to someplace like Super Runners Shop or Paragon Sports that specializes in running shoes and get fitted for a pair that works with your feet and stride.

Glennn Dansker

I think you're on the right track. Take a few days to a week off. I'm not a doctor but I can fake it on the internet. If you still have pain after two weeks or so it might be something serious.

Jack Tripper

Before you start running again, go out for a good walk...not a power-walk mind you, but a walk taken at a good clip. Don't go 0 to 60.


I had a similar thing a few years ago. I decided running in Converse was fine because after all, Rocky Balboa did it so it must be OK. Turns out they aren't the best thing to run in.

I bought some better running shoes and some sports insoles (I got the Sorbothane ones, but there are plenty out there) and after a week or two of resting, I ran with insoles and found it helped a lot. Maybe look into some sports insoles if your footwear isn't offering enough shock absorption.


I've read that making love accomplishes the same results (i.e., calorie-burn, improve muscle-strength, cardio-vascular workout, etc.) as running, on about a 1-to-1 ratio.

But not reeeeeealy!
Muchhhhh more fun rollin' in the hay!
(Plus, things like braces and rain gear become totally optional.)

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