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July 15, 2014





You mean you need to get 'organazised'...

Personally, I never found running in public to work for me, but that's just me. Don't wanna discourage you from your new phys-ed program. I tried doing laps around Tompkins years ago, but when I work out I want to be around other people that are also working out, and not dodging everyday pedestrians. The other problem is that when it rains your jogs are cancelled, and in the winter? Forget it. Running in 15 degrees, no thanks. I'm not the picture of physical fitness and go through stages at the gym attendance. I'm very good about going for several days or weeks at a time, then I fall off the wagon and don't go at all. When I do go I try to do 50 min of cardio. 25 bike/25 elliptical. Not a fan of running. In terms of weight loss, I've found that working out isn't exclusively the solution. Cutting down on the ice cream and beer might help, even though it sucks to not have it all the time. From what I can see we're roughly the same age and as we know, or from what they tell us, metabolism plays a big part. I believe that because considering what I eat on a daily basis, in my opinion I should be at least 10 pounds lighter...but at this age that no longer applies, maybe if I was 20 years younger that equation would work out. Now, the best I can expect is to just maintain a weight that's not great but not off the charts either. I could still stand to lose 10-15 pounds and I intend to do so...someday, but I also feel if I ate a bowl of steam three times a day all week, I still wouldn't lose weight. Gyms are expensive but I would recommend maybe the YMCA on 14th street. They're clean, not crazy expensive and very kid friendly so you could bring your children with you.

Good luck!

Randee Dawn

Starting out you always feel like an idiot. If you're a woman and you start out and it's dark, you can feel a little scared. But you go and you do and you get a little less intimidated as you go. Seriously, get a pedometer if you can and start trying to beat your steps each day. And then, sign up for the first 5K you can. 3 miles is not as awful as you think -- my first one took an hour. My last one, in April, took 30 minutes. And I do maybe 3 a year because I don't really run. Can't wait to hear more. Good for you!

EV Grieve

Getting started and into an exercise routine is always the hardest part (at least it was for me). You're off! As Randee said, Good for you!


Atta boy! Just imagine your running the hills in Granville and it will feel easier tomorrow....keep at it!


Don't go for big improvements. Go for small increases...sometimes (several times) repeat what you did yesterday or the day before ("consolidate"). Avoid injury, take days off (I'm an every other day guy for almost all excercise). Embrace the ego death. Do this thing!

Congratulations on starting!

Ted Gardner

#1 - get new shoes, your knees will thank you.

#2 - you don't need to stretch before running.

From WebMD:

Should You Stretch Before Exercise?

Not necessarily. It's not proven to help prevent injury, curb muscle soreness after exercise, or improve your performance.

Static stretching before exercise can weaken performance, such as sprint speed, in studies. The most likely reason is that holding the stretch tires out your muscles.

You should warm up by doing dynamic stretches, which are like your workout but at a lower intensity. A good warm-up before a run could be a brisk walk, walking lunges, leg swings, high steps, or "butt kicks" (slowly jogging forward while kicking toward your rear end).

Start slowly, and gradually ramp up the intensity.
Should You Stretch After Exercise?

This is a great time to stretch.

"Everyone is more flexible after exercise, because you've increased the circulation to those muscles and joints and you've been moving them," Millar says.

If you do static stretches, you'll get the most benefit from them now.

"After you go for a run or weight-train, you walk around a little to cool down. Then you do some stretching. It's a nice way to end a workout," Bracko says.

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