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July 13, 2014


Jerry Mathers

You may wanna reach out to Mike Mindless (of the Skulls). A couple years ago he was always on the Johnny Thunders forum, but then he went to Facebook. He seems to know a little bit of everything about the NYC Punk scene.


Yup--that's him!

I could have sworn that the Whorelords were on the NY Thrash tape (on ROIR), but the internet says otherwise. It has The Fiends, though, who were also fronted by Mr. Snots.

He was a Jersey punk who ended up in prison, I think.

Robert Nash

While the matter seems to be put to bed, I can tell you red bandanna guy is indeed Bobby Snotz...Yes: With a "z"...If you look closely at the left sleeve of his black leather jacket you can see S-N-O-T-Z in red letters...He did do time...The Internet consensus indicates he was beaten to death in 1992...An aspiring rock star buddy of mine, also deceased, ran around with him for a spell...I spent my first night as an adult in NYC with the both of them and they showed me an EPIC good time...As luck would have it I had an annual physical a few days after returning to my home base...My physician gave me quite the lecture when my lab work came back...Those were different times...RTN/XXX/OOO

Randy Halbert

when i was a kid i went to a ton of shows at A7 and cbgb unfortunatley i smoked a shit ton of dust and dropped acid a lot so some are a blurrr . I dont remember seeing the Whorelords but might have i do remember a tune by them - 5 O Is On My Block that was killer we used to listen too a lot. Great times different times

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