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March 16, 2014



I first went there as an NYU student, in 198?. I last went there either last Thursday or Friday. There was no clue at all inside that it was their last day or two. None. Like you said, it was dependable and good...not great but perfectly fine. And one of the many real landmarks on the block.

GG Allin

Sorry dude. Your family's history is disappearing one block at a time.

URL Brenner

This condo-ization of New York is never going to end. The irony is that alot of these condo-ites come to the city because of the 'character' of the neighborhoods..the very same 'character' that they are destroying.

I've been here almost 30 years. A year or two ago, I was tired of all the whitewashing and was ready to leave. That feeling went away for a while..but now it's coming back. What's the fucking point to it anymore? A city full of rich people? Who-cares! Nothing to miss there!
LA is looking better and better all the time.


They had a good vegan by default slice there as well, nice old NY feel... btw. not to mention University Pita will go to the wrecking ball too, that place is good! craziness all around.


Sad. When I was a New School student in the 80s, a slice and a soda at Stromboli was my go-to treat when I was feeling flush. I stopped by a few months ago. It was a dependable slice--the sauce held up to the cheese grease a little better than some places.

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