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February 27, 2014


URL Brennerr

I wish I had pictures of the old place but I definitely do remember it as The Continental Divide. I think I went there one afternoon in 1986 or 87. If I recall correctly they served food and we had lunch there. One of the first live gigs I saw there which was also way back around that same time was former NY Doll Sylvain Sylvain and his band. I wanna say the place was still 'The Continental Divide' at that time but can't remember. This was back when the stage was still in the corner in the back of the room. My memory of the show is fuzzy at this point but I remember him doing a song called '14th Street'.

Later when it became The Continental, it was pretty much my go-to place to see music. Devil Dogs, Voodoo Dolls, Scuba Diva, Skinnerbox, Sea Monster, Honky Toast, The Remains (with Dee Dee and Marky Ramone, as well as Joey who made a surprise appearance!), Jayne County, Toilet Boys. All of those gigs were usually a good drunken blast. At one gig when Spacehog was at the peak of their fame, the FDNY came in and shut the place down because it was so packed.

Alas...I was NOT at the Iggy Pop surprise gig, and I'll always be cranky about that.

Alex in NYC

Bands I saw fairly routinely at Continental: Nashville Pussy, The Unband, The Candy Snatchers, The Pleasure Fuckers, The Upper Crust and The Lee Harvey Keitel Band. I wasn't at the fabled Iggy Pop show either, don't feel bad.

Disco Stain

I remember and they did serve food.

Fallopia Tuba

I lived on St. Mark's between 2nd and 3rd from 1984-1990. There was indeed a dinosaur at the Continental Divide; I even remember the name of the Continental's predecessor: Jack the Ribber Saloon.

My memory is also hazy as to when the Continental Divide became the Continental, however; I just remember walking across the street one time and noticing that it had changed.


Continental Divide hosted a series of Don Cherry shows. He was often joined by Lou Reed's drummer from 75's Coney Island Baby thru the 80's Growing Up In Public, Michael Suchorsky.
Try these links for info:


I was in N.Y several times betwen 1984 and 1990.The last time i was there,i lived on Broadway and East 10th Street at a Friends Appartment for longer time.I used to go there a few times a week after midnight.And i hade a good time there.I also0 remmember the big Dino on theb roof and the kitchen.Sometimes i also ate there.But don´t ask me what.I just remmember my drinks.A lot of Jacks with Coke.And i will never forget 3 things that happend in this place.
One night i came in and there was Matt Dillon at the Bar at my right.I am a croatian Guy living in Stuttgart Germany,and at that time i really loved him as a young and good actor.I said to the bartender to give him one more of his drinks( a Beer ).He did so.But he denied to take my beer and said that he is not gay.I really was upset about his answer.I exploded abot so much arrogance and shouted to him: Arsehole ....i am not gay..i just wantet to have a drink with a person that i adore as an actor...nothing go fuck yourself.I took my drink and went in the middle of the space to sit on a chair and to calm down.
A few minutes or something like this,the bartender came to me with a Jack Coke in his hand and said: Matt is asking if you would like to have a drink.I was really surprised and sure i said O.K.He was watchin us and when i took the drink he came towards me with a chair and then the drinking and talking really started.I just remember the next day was very ugly filled with headache.I still dont´know how i came home.But the night was great.
The second thing was a Gig with a Band that was not that famous and konown as they are now.The CRAMPS. After the kitchen was closed the Stage in the back was prepared and they really played very very loud.This is all i remember.Fucking loud.I would like to have the flyer from that evening.But i think too many Jacks in the Game.
The third thing i will never forget is: the guys who ran the bar.I really came often to this place.Every time i had a struggle with the girl i usually came to N.Y.So it was quite a few time a week.I was known at the bar.First because of my drinks.A lot of Jackies,who became stronger and stronger.From week to week.So that when i went home i really was destroyed.Just able to swallow a oily pizza slice round the corner and find my way home.And i was always giving good tips tom them.Because i myself worked also in Bars and Restaurants as a student in Germany.So i knew that the normal paying is not that good.
But one daY it happend that i was out of money and still could not stop going out in t6his bar.So they allowed me to have a special credit every night i was in.Till the money i told them that i was waiting for will arrive.And after another month my parents send me some money and i went in the Divide to pay my bills.They must have been around a few hundred dollars.But when i wanted to pay they denied to take my money.They said that normally they dont anybody drink and pay later but in my case they all decided to invite me all together everytime that i was there.Because they liked me.And because they had so much fun with me,they did not had before with a customer.All this is true.Belive it or not.
And although at that time i was making many pictures and videos;i don´t have a fucking picture or prove of this place.Only in my memory.Shortly after beeing back in Germany i stopped drinking Jack.Wether with or without Coke.Now i even can´t stand the smell of him.
I was 4 times in Cuba,where i met my Ex-wife.And in Cuba i never had any alcohol,although everybody wanted to put me some inside my glass.Not that i had any problems with alcohol.But at that time i was 4 years without.Just for no special reason.After the last time in Cuba and the wedding i started again of drinking alcohol.Now Cuba Libre replaced Jack.And it smells good.


Sorry for my grammar and fals writing of some words.But i couldn´t find my glasses.

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