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February 10, 2014


URL Brenner

What may have been considered 'goofy' in the late 80s and 90s looks pretty underground by today's standards.


Whoever posted that 120 Minutes clip didn't bother editing out a video by the Bel-Fires, who I've never heard of before. They had one EP and an album, from '85 and '88, and that was probably the alpha and omega of their career. I think every decent-sized town had a band like the Bel-Fires, right down to the drummer with the big goth hair and the Siouxsie-damaged singer with the gypsy skirt, cutoff leggings and granny boots. Bands like this were the tallow that greased the gears of music TV, whose videos could be played once or twice to fill in the space between the ones on heavy rotation and the clips that set up the interviews.

I remember the Scrap Bar - drank there a couple of times visiting my then-girlfriend at NYU. Toronto's own copycat version, the Bovine Sex Club, is still going strong, believe it or not, hanging on like some old diner or TV repair shop whose continued existence has become quaint, even cherished.


Kevin Seal had the incredible ability to make me shut the TV off almost every time I saw him hosting anything on MTV. Moron. Same with Adam Curry. Where the hell did they get those guys and who thought hey were "cool?" And I remember a few times Downtown Julie Brown hosted Headbangers Ball...that was certainly amusing. Here she is with M.O.D.

peter may

use to hangout and played the pinball machine doormen were always great and let me in I think I remember 4:20 abit there


Yes, very cool place. Door Model recognized me after one visit and After that let me in as VIP. I don't remember your name but you were awesome! Made me feel like a real New Yorker even though I never lived in NY.
Great late night hang out! Missed it when it closed! Maybe I should visit the Bovine in Toronto!


I was there once when i was working a week in NYC in the early 90`s...A man i had met named chris mitchell told me that i must go to the scrap bar if I wanted to see vampires, he told me at closing time people disappeared into thin air when the lights came He brought me there and it was a blast, all the weird so called art painted and hanging everywhere, it was a great place to be, people were cool, some strange n shady perhaps, but I felt that if I lived in NYC , this would be my hangout..Then closing time came and the dark place that was just full of people, lit up as bright as day...with only a few people left . I sat there wondering how they all got out that quick, chris looked at me and said " Well I told you" ...sounds crazy but I never forgot that one night at the scrap bar and where ever chris mitchell is today, I`m glad he took me there. Thank you for the best memory in NYC ... I had hoped one day to get back there again, its sad to learn that its gone now.


I knew one of the partners who owned the scrap bar, he was a tech for the physics labs at NYU! Great guy. I wish I could remember his name. Joey Ramone hung out there quite a bit with a small circle of friends, all dressed in black.


Ah...The Scrap Bar! Ed the Bartender, Cider Jack..."Jam" the potdealer, a funky band ...The somethingdogs...that played there I think every Thursday night...The pinball machine...the bagel cart down the street where I could get a toasted with butter harvest or spinach bagel to help me sober up before I took a train or two to Penn to catch the LIRR to suburbia and THAT life... I remember it well. Met my ex husband in the scrap bar. Met him through a guy who was the brother of a guy in the band the ex-hub played in. twenties... miss them and The Scrap Bar. Should've bought a T-shirt!

Navy Mike

I was a bouncer at the Scrap Bar, Desmonds Tavern, and Sun Mountain Cafe in the early 90’s. Hung with Johnny Jones, Jay Mohr (Saturday Night Live), and On/Off “friend” of Melanie Ray from Rakatan.

I miss the scene sometimes, though in hindsight, glad to have escaped with my life. At 50 now, a mental trip down memory lane gives me a smile, but partying was hardcore back then. Not everybody made it out.

Cheers to all of you that did !!!


the video has been removed any idea which episode it was? also i have a scrap bar preview comic!

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