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February 06, 2014


URL Brennerr

You forgot "Laser Beatles" (that's the only laser show I saw there). It was so long ago I don't even remember what the inside of the place looked like. I've been to the new incarnation twice. They have a show about space (no surprise there), a few years back it was narrated by Tom Hanks, last summer it was narrated by Whoopi Goldberg.

Bring back the rock shows.

Jeff Jotz

When I was 9 or 10 years old, I called in to WABC radio and I won two tickets to see a screening of the Mel Brooks film "Wholly Moses." My Mom was a devout Catholic and she thought that the movie was offensive and I was not allowed to see it. She called the radio station and I was offered tickets for Laser Rock at the Hayden Planetarium. So I schlepped Mom & Dad to NYC to see laser versions of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and Gary Numan's "Cars." IIRC, they had their hands over their ears for the entire show while I sat under the lights, mouth agape with awe.

Earache Myeye

I'm on a quest to fill in missing chunks of a mental memory puzzle. We went to "Laser Rock" (I think it was called) at Gates Planetarium in Denver. It appears to have been a combination of several of the shows you reference above.

Playlist as I remember:
Sly and the Family Stone: "Dance to the Music"
Beatles: "The End" or maybe it was medley from Abbey Road
The Tubes: "Turn Me On"
Pretenders: "The Wait"
Gary Numan: "Cars"
The Police: "Walking On The Moon"
Supertramp: "School"
Genesis: "Duchess"

Do you know anyone that may have more definitive information about the history of these shows?

Doug McCullough

I'm really enjoying these accounts of the laser shows at the Hayden Planetarium. From 1983 until the planetarium closing in 1997, I was the creative director of those legendary laser shows - Laser Floyd, Laser Zeppelin, Laser Beatles, Laser 60s, Laser Genesis, Laser Bowie, Laserdrive 3D, Laser U2, Laser NIN, etc. Those were special times! The planetarium theater was the perfect environment for those shows. Our goal was to create a unique visual representation of the music. It would be fun to bring all the new laser technology back into the planetarium to perform updated Pink Floyd shows.

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