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January 21, 2014



A friend of mine, Richard Boch, who worked the door at the Mudd from 78-80, said the following about this story: "This story went around a few times… It's not true. There's even a version where he puked on Andy Warhol's shoes. Sadly JL never made it to Mudd. No Beatles did!"

Richard is currently working on a memoir about his time at the Mudd.

Brian O'Neill

Johnny Ramone was famously Republican as well. I don't get it.

GG Allin

It's one thing to be reduced to the county fair circuit, but playing in front of a dozen people at a Tea Party gathering? Oy vey.


John used to hang at a bar called Hells Bells I think it was on 13th st.
One of the owners, Tony was from Liverpool I think, he knew John from way back when.
My Uncle hung out there ALOT and met John numerous times and sometimes would take me there in the late 70's even though I was way underage.
The other owner now owns Myers of Keswick on Hudson st.
He probably has loads off stories to tell no doubt.

Alex in NYC

To be fair, Steele takes his political affiliations pretty seriously, which leads me to suspect that he voluntarily plays at these events, as it's a cause he cares about.


I met Steele by accident in 1994,while looking at the(old) Continental concert schedule. Great fella. Told us that Glenn broke his leg with bat when he was a teenager. Always unpretentious.


If you watch a YouTube clip entitled "Nardwaur vs. The Misfits", Jerry Only affirms the Bobby puking on JL anecdote. I am not sure if that makes the yarn more credible or not...

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