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December 20, 2013



Love love love Hanoi Rocks. Like most bands, their earlier material is best, but all their albums are way better than most stuff coming out nowadays. Not too crazy with the Michael Monroe solo stuff, a tad cliche.

They (singer+guitarist) reunited for a few tours in the past decade, but never in the US. I am assuming someone in the band (not Monroe) cannot get a visa. Sadly the reunion is over.


Guess I'm gettin' old.....but that vid made me a little warm and fuzzy inside.....

Francisco Rosado

I don't believe the LES was great because its "junkies, pimps and whores" , that was just its stupid side. What was really special about it was the diverse groups that coexisted there in a unique way: visual artists, musicians, poets, squatters, immigrants, Puerto Ricans, Jews, Blacks, gays, etc. and their creative outputs. If you still want to see "junkies, pimps and whores," go live in Vegas.Check out this song by me: LOIZAIDA (look it up)

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