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December 30, 2013



I was just down there last Monday and had an almost identical experience to your friend. In fact, while I was there someone went up to the guy working the CD section and asked about the jazz. He was told, "jazz is on the 4th floor, but the 4th floor is closed". No other explanation. And the current CD section is looking a little sickly. And there are tons of RECORDS--but weird ones. Lotsa 80s looking country with poofy hairdos (think sub-Oak Ridge Boys).
The whole row of J & R stores that was Park Row are all closed! J & R now appears to be just the building on the corner. I bet they're switching over to selling most of the stuff on-line.


Bought a new TV from them on "Cyber Monday". Went with them over the chains since the fam has ALWAYS shopped there. Service was a bit of a struggle and farmed out to a third party, which led to a lot of hiccups. Very sad.

Jeff Jotz

I can't tell you how many records, bricks of blank cassettes, phono cartridges, headphones, stereo components, computers and other electronic ephemera I've bought there since I was a teenager. In fact, when I turned 16 I was allowed to take the train into NYC solo and visit my Dad at work. It almost always involved a short walk up Broadway to J&R, so I will always link my memories of J&R with my Dad.

al gavin

Began shopping there in 1974, when they were located in the basement on Park Row. I certainly hope they do not go the route of Record Explosion and Bondys.

John quinn

ok this hurts. i was thinking of J&R this christmas longingly because i don't work downtown anymore. since the 80's i thought J&R was a sacred part off NYC


Jazz Record Center on 26th has the best stock if jazz in the region. 30k lps tons of Cd, dvd. And b&h better photo deals


I also began shopping there in the mid 70's when they were in the basement then later moved the jazz store to Nassau Street and classical was around the corner near the newstand/cigar shop. I just left the store and was told the 4th floor is under renovation. I get the feeling that the jazz, classical and other music sections are gone for good.. Too bad, it will be missed!!!!!!!


Was in there today. Sad scene on the 4th floor. All music is 50% off and it's almost all bargain bin 3rd rate titles, scraps really. If you dig long enough you might find a gem or two but it's clear it's finished. They do have a few of the Beatles Mono box sets at 50% for $135. Don't know about the rest of the store shutting down. Have loved music shopping there for the last 6 years. Even a year ago it seemed to be stocking great titles and vinyl too. Walking north along Park Row just felt desolate as they have moved out of most of the storefronts along there.


Correction - I was on the 3rd floor. 4th floor is still closed


They are indeed closing

End if april


They changed their legal name from J&R (which stood for the founders) to rnyk ("real new yorkers know"?). Check the copyright and dba at the bottom of their web page.
They let go the majority of their staff but denied admitting it to the press. Perhaps trying to beat the FAIR & WARN laws regarding layoffs?
A law firm has them under investigation for breach of fair employment laws.
Real New Yorkers Know theres more to the story thats not being told.


@MonoChrome: I hardly noticed the subtle name change, which I actually believe does more harm than good. Real New Yorkers know this place for what it ONCE was: J&R MUSIC WORLD. The copyright was once attributed to "J&R Electronics, Inc."

For the better part of nearly 2 decades, their entire collection of music and video used to occupy what was once their original storefront, 23 Park Row. When they closed up almost their entire row of stores, I knew they were in trouble.

Now that the place that was once called J&R Music World is no longer selling music (CDs and vinyl) and video (DVD/Blu-ray), or even video games, the people who might have been tempted to go there, even to buy an electronic item, will be far more easily encouraged to go elsewhere or buy from the Web, because the music and video racks will no longer be there for them to kill time while they decide exactly what device they want to buy.

Whatever Park Row looked like in 1970 (before J&R arrived), I think it will look like that again by 2015 or 2016, because if what you say is true, about J&R having issues that might run afoul of the law, their days are probably numbered...

...Not that it matters much, because I think their days are numbered, anyway. The Wiz downsized big-time late in 2002. 7 months later, they were going out of business. CompUSA downsized early in 2007, and 9 months later they were in full liquidation. Circuit City closed hundreds of stores in the fall of 2008; 6 months later, they were all closed.

Suffer no delusions; J&R (my first purchase there in 1984) is ready to roll over and die within the next 2 years. the pattern is almost always the same; downsize first, yet still fail to attract consumers (or continue to lose them). P.C. Richard will be making their next wrecking-ball commercial to celebrate its demise, just like they did The Wiz in 2003 and Circuit City in 2009.


Ding dong..the witch is dead...the wicked witch of Park Row...


It's official:


Sad day for Music fans, Computer geeks and Camera affectionados.
Store has been going downhill for 2 years now, non electronic items such as toys and luggage occupied 2 entire floors of 2 buildings. Economy didn't help however bottom Line the big bucks are in the real estate which they own.Most likely store will be closed and reopen as smaller store carrying less items.Finally it will all be sold.

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