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December 28, 2013



Oh, so sorry you had a bad year.
I know this is cold comfort but your blog made my year better for me. The references to bands, songs and places I hadn't thought of in a while and their reminders of youth, joy, possibility was why I kept coming back to read the blog.

And also that someone else remembers a Manhattan, now mostly vanished, literally, economically and spiritually. And remembers it very well.

Thank you so much.
Best wishes for the new year.



you have a great blog but complaining bout the far right in #13 and then the taxman in #14 ... maybe you want to re-evaluate your opinions for consistency. and look into how the deficit will swallow your kids' future.

GG Allin

Leave it to a commentor to make a political statement out of this post, which was a very good one, btw. A bit sad, but I hope you can build on the positives in your life and make 2014 better.

Alex in NYC

Well, Wayne, for a start, my statement in #13 wasn't a complaint, it was an assertion. My allusion to the tax man in #14 wasn't a complaint either, rather it was a straightforward answer to a direct question. My opinions about the far right are completely consistent. What you're probably failing to glean is that I'm not a single issue voter. Maybe my undying contempt for uber-conservative, Bible-banging Tea Partiers and their ilk has nothing to do with taxes and more to do with other issues? And while, gosh, it's *really super swell* that you like my blog, if you're upset by the fact that you and I obviously hold different perspectives on certain topics, might I suggest you go read instead.


I'd like to echo Deirdre's comment, and I, too, hope things look up for you in 2014. All the best, mate.

Jim Yoakum

I enjoy your blog very much. Hope 14 is a good one for all. Keep yer chin up, good times a-comin'.

Jeff Jotz

I didn't have much to celebrate in 2013 either but we're both the parents of kids who presumably we love very deeply. So we gotta press on and do our duties to help them grow up to be fantastic adults.

David Sierra

hope 2014 is a better year for you.

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