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November 08, 2013


URL Brenner

Spot on again my friend!

I had a similar experience with this song. At the time, I was in a far away suburb in the middle of high school with no cable television in my home. My only resource for MTV was when I went to a friend's house and watched it. 'Love My Way' took the same hold of me on one of those visits and I became somewhat of a Furs devotee from that point forward, even writing the entire lyric of the song on one of my class folders. 'There's an army on the dancefloor, it's a passion with a gun my love'..'A room with out a door' what the fuck?! It blew my mind. In additon to the eerie Farfisa organ and marimba I always loved that bass line that just moved that thing like a motherfucker. A few years later (summer of '84) and a year or two before I moved up here, while visiting some family I got to the see the Furs live when there were still concerts on the pier next to the Intrepid. At that point the Furs were in their 'Mirror Moves' phase but it was still great to see them. I remember Richard Butler goose-stepping around the stage during 'President Gas'. The opening band was Talk Talk. Bygone days for sure. (side note: I also saw The Cars that same week at Forrest Hils Tennis Stadium w/openers...Wang Chung in their pre-'everybody have fun tonight' days. Cars were great though and glad I got to see Ben Orr).

I always knew Rundgren produced the song and LP but I didn't know Flo & Eddie did the background vocals! Crazy!

Long live 'Love My Way' it has stood the test of time. Every time it comes up in iPod shuffle I crank it!

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