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November 15, 2013



Nelson did sadly pass away from a heart attack, July 4, 1989. Didn't know him, although have since realized from watching his videos that I was once in the same throng outside the club Mars when I was visiting NYC for the first time. His archive was recently taken into the downtown collection at the Fales library at NYU (, went to the small and funny celebration they held where Michael Musto, Lady Kier and others recounted stories of his times.

There's a short documentary about his life available on i-Tunes called "Nelson Sullivan's World of Wonder," made by his friends Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato.

EV Grieve

Nice find! Thanks for sharing!

John M

There was a guy walking with Wendy Wild who kind of looked like a young Musto, but probably wasn't him. Yeah, a kid might be tempted to think it doesn't seem much different than today, but like you said, it sure was. The nice thing about it, though, was that by '87...and even moreso five years later...that Ave. A still had this rep as a dark and dangerous place, even though it had definitely become more 'civilized' in terms of crime. B could still be a little teeny bit scary and C and D, well, still a (relatively) lot of drug dealing and violence there. I was living between A and B and have to say that when going out I turned right, toward A, about 80% of the time. Crazy things still happened on A. I remember waking up one day and hearing that Curtis Sliwa had been beaten up early one morning. I think he was sitting in a stopped cab with the window open and someone grabbed him, not sure--it was a strange story. And yeah, I came around the corner on 7th St. from 1st Ave. in time to see a guy hosing blood off the sidewalk and the cops getting ready to leave the scene of a fatal stabbing. It wasn't all peaches and cream, but stuff like that was becoming more of the exception than the norm. The feeling in the air,, so, so much different than today. And why did everyone wear those horrible roundish eyeglass frames and goofy clothes? ha ha ha Well, not everyone did, most of us had wraparound sunglasses and still hung on to our black jeans and leather, although I do remember one pair of glasses I had that were incredibly hideous...


The guy with Wendy Wild is Michael "Kitty" Ullman.

rick mcginnis

The East Village I remember - my girlfriend moved to a place on 7th between C and D just after this. I don't like to get all nostalgic about the '80s - I had to live through it an all - but compared to today, it's eye-poppingly vibrant and eccentric and stylish. I don't think I'd want to dress like that again, but it certainly wasn't drab, and drab is how too much of the world - yes New York, I'm talking about you, too - looks now.

Also, remember when sushi was "new"?

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