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November 27, 2013


Deborah Haas

really...What Bullshit~
Bleeker Bob's was a favorite place of mine in both my misspent youth and whenever I had a chance to hang in more recent years. I hope as the world and NYC spirals into the mall land- (The homogenized bullshit now functioning as the consumer landscape)...that a bastion of the best of mom and pop finds a new and welcoming landscape where I plan to move fer sure....Sorry this sure adds salt to an already open wound

Jon Quimbly

Must feel good knowing that you steer the world from behind your keyboard.

Fuck that, taking credit for BB's action. What kind of dipshit moron are you, anyways?

Alex in NYC

Why gosh, Jon, how nice of you to leave the comment. I'm not stealing anyone's thunder nor "steering" anything. I merely noticed the sign, and am now pointing out the confirmation from the authoritative source, that being Bleecker Bob's. I'm not "taking credit" for anything.

Why don't you relax?

rick mcginnis

Can it be that Manhattan has reached peak froyo?

GG Allin

Alex in NYC, I am sorry, but I think Jon Quimbly's got a point. I've also noticed you you take credit for things that you have ZERO claim to - the founding of NYC, the Syrian insurgency, Steve Garvey's philandering, Stonewall...get a grip, dude!


Wow! The assholes are out in force today. Happy thanksgiving Alex!

Bonnie Midnica

Rick McGinnis, Let's hope it has peaked! I am awaiting the decline of froyo stores, the newest plague everywhere!

GG Allin

Umm...I hope NoiseAnnoys caught my sarcasm. If not, that was sarcasm, NoiseAnnoys.


Oops. It appears I've been stupid. Note to self - never comment on a post before you've had your morning coffee. Jon Q can be the singular asshole, apologies all!

GG Allin

That's OK, NA. I was hoping that reference to Steve Garvey's philandering wouldn't slip by anyone as "serious," but an uncaffeinated AM is definitely a good excuse!


Was reading the latest Juxatpoz magazine, when I came across this interesting Bleeker Bobs's artwork. Enjoy!

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