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November 03, 2013



best east village store ever! spent many a dollar there. thanks for posting.

EV Grieve

I was trying to remember... They moved briefly to St. Mark's Place... then back. But how long were they on St. Mark's?

URL Brenner

Thanks for that. See Hear was one of my favorite stores, and your right, it was one of those places that defined what the East Village was all about. Very sad that things are not that way anymore. You think about why they aren't and no good reasons come to mind at all. Sure there's that old argument that New York is 'always changing' but through the decades and generations the East Village was about being outside the system. To Gen X just because something happened in the 50s or 60s didn't make it 'old', rather it was a strong connection to the past and you took pride in carrying the torch. Kerouac, Burroughs, and The Fugs for example weren't then and still aren't now a bunch of passe' old people. Their work was/is still relevant. The people and faces may have changed in the EV but the vibe was always the same. Why that ended and why young people are more interested in selling out is beyond me. Corporate thought control if you ask me. But as the old saying goes 'don't be sad that it's over be glad it happened'.


The post about See/Hear made me cry. I had forgotten about this place. It crystalizes so clearly the vibe that THIS neighborhood was where I wanted - needed! - to be. I belonged here. These were my people

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