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October 23, 2013



I have a funny story about the day they shot the "Time Bomb" video back in 1995. There was a big punk show going on at ABC No Rio headlined by the veteran UK crust punk band The Varukers along with several popular local bands, and the ABC punks were not very happy about the "rock stars" in Rancid filming in their neighborhood. The punks entertained themselves by messing with Rancid's shoot, and Rancid responded by trying to get the NYPD to shut the show down! Not very punk of them, especially when you consider that Rancid played a show at ABC back when they were starting out. If you watch the video you'll notice that they show a lot of that block of Rivington but they very carefully made sure that ABC never appears. The irony is that if they needed some authentic looking punk extras there were loads of them across the street that day who would rather have broken their cameras. Fun times in 1995.

Francisco Rosado

Fantastic the last comment--they were copying radical culture but weren't being radical at all. They were sort of sucking on the energy and punk resurgence that was happening all over but was pretty obvious on the LES. I hung out with Chetah Chrome, Bobby fom the UNDEAD, Karen Black etc.The place was a MECCA!

Jeff Jotz

Alex, according to Google Street view, your photo appears to be Ridge & Rivington Sts. The store at 106 Rivington is now a pharmacy. Streit's is a few blocks West on Rivington & Suffolk (148 Rivington). Perhaps the establishment moved since then?

Alex in NYC

Ack, JJ -- you're right. It's actually my mistake. It's Suffolk, not Pitt. It's the same location, my error.

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