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October 18, 2013


URL Brenner

I'd like to say that I was at the Cat Club more, but I wasn't. However I appreciated that it was there. The one and only time that I had gone was a great moment. I was a +1 with somebody for Iggy Pop's 'Brick By Brick' record release party and Iggy was there for a meet and greet! Very cool. I got to meet him and told him the first time I saw him perform was when he was a guest on the Dinah Shore Show back when The Idiot was released. David Bowie, Hunt and Tony Sales were in the band as well. To that he happily replied 'Yeah..that was alot of fun' and that was about it. Short and sweet but still a good time, I have his autograph somewhere...

Quick note on that Dinah Shore Show: It seemed to be somewhat often that some of these mainstream afternoon talk shows back in the 70s like Dinah, Mike Douglas and Merv would have some weirdo rock band or rock stars as guests. Back then it seemed to be taken alot more seriously because to the audience of any of these shows, these people were major outsiders. Alot of times they looked like they were scaring the show hosts. I loved that! The unlikely pairing of Dinah, David Bowie, Iggy, and Dinah's othe guest Rosemary Clooney(!) all on the couch chatting was just a tad surreal and a very entertaining clash of cultures.

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