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September 11, 2013


rick mcginnis

There's nothing "uber conservative" about the political parties Skrewdriver presumably supported. The BNP, for instance, are against free markets and capitalism, and support protectionism, higher corporate taxation and the prohibition of GM crops. Hardly standard conservative economics. Like most nationalist parties, what they end up promoting is a form of socialism, with the government overseeing trade and business policies on the way to creating their perfect society. You don't find that in von Mises or Hayek. I'm sorry, but I just get my back up when people throw this word around - most people who use the term "neo-conservative," for instance, haven't a clue what it means. (Hint: Pat Buchanan isn't one.)


You're right and you're wrong. Alex didn't mention Neo-Conservatives, he called them conservative, small C. Reactionary hate-mongers works too.
Skrewdriver wouldn't be mad keen on the Neo-Cons, considering the fact that the movement was started by a bunch of Jewish nogoodniks.

rick mcginnis

I didn't say that Alex called them neo-conservatives - I just mentioned the term as an other example of a description that gets thrown around without being understood. Read what I wrote again.

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