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September 24, 2013



Ronin issue 3, if current in the pic and not a back issue, puts it at 1983.

D Cortex

One of my first jobs was working at supersnipe in 1970

Paul D

Thanks for the post. I always knew about Supersnipe, though admit to sadly never having gotten there. The Comic Art Gallery on the other hand was a regular haunt upon my going to the High School of Art & Design, on 59th St, starting in '79. A great, great place, but "suspicious" doesn't tell the half of it. One time some drunken bum in the stairwell up and hit me in the face, lodging my thick eye glass lens into my brow (the scar of which I still have), and another time upon exiting to the street with a nice batch of newly purchased vintage comics (including all the fill-in's I needed to complete my Jim Starlin Capt Marvel-Thanos run), I was mugged for them! While one guy grabbed my bag, another guy literally shoved me into the street right in front of an oncoming truck!!! Somehow I rolled off to the side but could you imagine that they were willing to perhaps kill someone for a bag of comics? NYC was really a pithole from the mid seventies (say) until '93 (that was just one of many mugging and other incidents while a high school and later working commuter).

But back to the Gallery, not only did they stock a choice selection of back issues, they had incredible original comic art pages, the source of their great reputation. Where they got these, who knows, but I sure wish that I had the fifty to a hundred or so bucks they were asking for pages by Neal Adams and others back then!!!! I believe that they later moved to 53rd Street. I've also looked for pictures on line (or advertisements) to no avail. Thanks for the memories!

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