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September 18, 2013


EV Grieve

What's in the photo works very well for me, thanks.

Howard Monath

"Soak in that photo"'re kidding right? ... It looks like it was taken from a U-2 spy plane.

Alex in NYC

Well, technically, Howard, I'd suggest that it was probably taken from the Zeckendorf (sp?) Towers on the eastern end of Union Square looking south. I'd love to climb up those and replicate the shot today, so a compare/contrast could be measured, but suffice to say, the entire cityscape would look very different.

Howard Monath

Yes, you're right of course, but this photo points out in its foreground what I think was the worst architectural blight visited this city, namely the legions of white brick apartment towers that covered the city starting in the's hard to get very sentimental when that's right in your face.


To me, Astor Place was always a clear boundary between the east and west of downtown. An open space that belonged to neither but meant something to both. I lived and spent nearly all of my time on the Lower East Side and rarely went further west than Broadway. Astor Place though was always a convenient spot to meet people coming into the city and getting off the subway or just to sit around and watch everyone walk by. You could get the latest Village Voice before anyone else, skate around the central island and even see a band play in the parking lot on the south side every once in a while. All that is changed now and it is almost unrecognizable.

James C. Taylor

Did you see this?

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