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August 17, 2013



I knew Brian too--he played in a friend's band, Hellbent (this was probably around '84). That didn't last too long. They opened for Samhain's 1st gig at Rock Hotel.
And I played with him too, in a band that never found a singer or got off the ground.
Oh--and sticking with the record store topic, he also worked at Free Being for a while!
Then he left for L.A.... didn't see him for a few years. And the last time I saw him was there, with his then current band, Wink (maybe '92-'93? very Teenage Fanclub-like), at the Club Lingerie. I think they ended up becoming Aimee Mann's backup band, or something like that.
Anyway, he was a good guy, and an EXCELLENT drummer. I also found out that he passed away in a shocking, after the fact way.
R.I.P Brian.

GG Allin

Wow! He played on (and co-produced) my fave Syl album, Sleep Baby Doll. A great piece of Rock & Roll!!


Not sure if you know, but the Judas Priest photo is by Lynn Goldsmith whose work you have featured a few times on the blog. There's another pic from the session here;

Nice post. I met Brian in'81, lost touch with him in the late 80's. What a good guy. Great sense of humor and a deep knowledge of music and pop culture. I was at the gig (In Detroit, the Misfits last original line up gig ever) where he got too tipsy and Todd from the Necros had to sit in for him. I felt bad, as I was one of the guys pestering Danzig to get Damage -Brian's stage name- in the band.
It was always great to roll into NYC and hook up with him. I have the postcard somewhere, I'll post it if I can find it.


Marcelo Romero

I loved Musical Maze! That's where I bought my first bootleg- Aerosmith 'Look Homeward Angel' live l.p. I bought it in the Fall of 1978.


was he in nikki sikki incarnation of verbal abuse?

Alex in NYC

He might have been -- he was a very active player, as I understand it. Was that the same Nikki Sikki who was in Sick Pleasure (the same band that would become Code of Honor)?

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