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July 24, 2013



I normally back you 100%, but you have to give Adam a break. I might not like his music, but perhaps he truly is a fan of all those bands. He makes a living making music, I admire him for that.

That Rubber Soul t-shirt is pretty cool.


yeah dude. i mean, fred durst in a joy division tee? that's worth complaining about. adam duritz? not so much.


Love the shirt posts. It IS ok to get a replacement from Hot Topic if your shit is 25 years old & falling apart right?

rick mcginnis

Never mind the shirts - he looks like Kevin Smith with dreadlocks.

James Taylor

Surely being in a band is cred enough without needing to flaunt your pretty mainstream taste through the medium of the rock tee. He's only reminding his audience of some of the bands they COULD be listening to... Something very uncool about this.


He seems like a guy wearing T-shirts because he likes music. You seem to have some deep-seated identity issues and insecurities. Music far too often, quite commonly with music critics, for example, is used as a crutch to prop up people who aren't comfortable with their own personalities, so they use music as a "tribe-indicator" so that others know they are supposed to be a member of a social group. There are many people, however, who just like music as it is without all the social implications. They just like music. It can be that simple if you're through trying to be cool.


Well, each of those bands probably is significant in some way to him -- the dude really loves music. Anyway, this topic is ridiculously trite. Really, why would anyone care so much about what someone else wears?

Alex in NYC

Lighten up.

Stuart mcleary

Counting Crows may well be my favourite band


Paul McCartney has specifically told Adam he digs some Counting Crows records... so jokes on you I guess!

Alex in NYC

how do you figure that, exactly? Is Paul McCartney incapable of making bad decisions or something? He married Heather Mills and lost all his Beatles publishing to Michael Jackson. He's entirely capable of getting shit wrong, Ron.

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