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June 12, 2013


Tim Broun

One of the SohoZat guuys now owns a shop in Phoenicia NY, and still carries some comics & interesting magazines, amongst other things.


I'd forgotten the nname Stan Bobrof. Thanks for the memory-jog. Yes, that was a terrific store.


I forgot about Stan & sohozat. I worked there for a while.


Loved Sohozat. I worked with the East Village Eye and we gad an ad swap deal with them. I got some great clothing items and jewelry st Sohozat.

Jim Coe

With mournful regrets, this is to inform you that Stan Bobrof, half-owner of Zohozat, passed over Feb 12 2014.
Stories of his and Darryl's business circulated with fondness at Stanley's funeral. Long live the memory of Sohozat.


I remember both Sohozat and the original Monkey's Retreat location north of OSU in Columbus, and still have most of the undergrounds I bought at MR as a teenager. I actually worked weekends at Sohozat for about a month when I moved to NYC to go to school in the early 80s. Both were great stores, and Darryl was a real mensch.

frank papandrea

Great place. Loved those guys, very generous, sold our fanzine.

frank papandrea

Love Sohozat. They sold our magazine Dry NY and T-Shirts; and were big supporters of the alternative community.

So sorry to hear about Stan's death.

That was a great creative time and Lower NYC was the hub. Miss them and that era, now NYC is Disneyland, BOOOOOOOOORING.

-Franky Pretzle

David Olivencia

Worked there in the early 80's
Stan and Alan were the best.
Great times. It seemed like the center of the universe on West Broadway.


I used to go to this shop a lot as a kid. It was great. Still have all of the comics I bought there. I remember a hardcover signed copy of Dark Knight Returns in a display case I really wanted.

Alan Fliegel

I met up with Stanley in the summer of 1978. He was alone in SoHoZat
sitting at the open front doors selling the one rack of comics (x) he had in the 5000 sq ft space of the Jacob Cram Coop.
I sold my car & joined in as a business partner in the fall and we set-up a sub chapter S company. I did the consignment part, including art marazines from Europe as well as local vintage stoves, clothes, art...
I met Stanley in the 1960’s.... Met my wife at SoHoZat, she came in selling a fur coat. Sold it that same day to Harriet Love who had a vintage clothing store on west broadway and Prince.
Stanley was a gentleman & a scholar.
We were pioneering in the urban wilderness.
Stan called SoHoZat a Space Age Varuety Store.
I was there the first four years then went into business with Lynn at Babytoes Clothing.
I have lots of all the Zat Magazines if anyone is interested.

Mark F

Cleaning up some boxes and found a small box containing pins from the 70’s and 80’s. Among them was a small Soho Zat pin. I had to google it. Seeing this post really brought back some memories.

jo Dufo

I worked briefly at Sohozat in the summer of 1980... I would go to Canal and buy 1950's women's slacks and sell them at Sohozat. I loved it there. Alan was such a nice guy. I had a blast there.

Gardiner Comfort

Went to Soho Zat as a kid and this is the first mention of it I've found basically anywhere since! Thanks.

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