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May 24, 2013



Wow....what an amazingly cool New Museum project.....would be nice to see 1953....1963....1973...etc.

And that recent pic.....are you SURE you're not the hitman for the New York City Blog Mafia?



Came to your blog via Jeremiah's Vanishing New York. I'm enjoying your posts and writing very much. I think your sneer is even better in 2013 than it was in 1993 - and I mean that without a trace of sarcasm. I love your re-created photos and your memories. As a 17-year-old in southeastern Virginia 1993, music came to me sometimes several years after its release, so that year was all about Swervedriver, the Pixies, the Cure (always), PJ Harvey, and Prince. Liz Phair and Wu-Tang didn't enter my world until college, but once they did, their early work didn't leave. Thank you for triggering some long-buried memories within me.

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