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April 10, 2013


GG Allin

I feel the same way! I would suggest one thing, though. If you really don't care for her music but have to listen to one LP, then listen to the Teenage Perversity & Ships In The Night bootleg. A POWERFUL garage-rockin' performance. Lenny is goin' crazy on guitar really gives it to ya. The recording is probably a soundboard - impeccable. It even has Iggy jumping onstage to say hi! If you don't have it, lemme know. I am sure I can help you out.


Teenage Perversity is a great bootleg, the first album is one of the great pieces of history, that can never be denied. Patti has grown older, just as you have. She might not be what you consider the voice of your youthful anger, but she is the image that remains. And her shows still rile up the people. She usaully closes with Rock and Roll Nigger, and always brings it down to what it was.

rick mcginnis

Do you remember the last thing she sang before she fell of the stage and broke her neck? Something like "Jesus, make a move..." Well, as far as Patti is concerned, he did. And therefore we find her, many years later, in St. Peter's Square. It's a funny old world, you know.

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