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April 10, 2013



Ah, my youth. There was a basement, correct? Also, wasn't there a record store across the street (south on Broadway) in the early '90s?


I'm also slightly obsessed with the original Forbidden Planet location. My dad took me there a couple of times in the 80's to buy Doctor Who stuff. Then when I went to college in the East Village I used to go there all the time (I may have actually partially decided to go to school in NYC just to be able to frequent this place). I used to go to the location on 59th St as well. The new location seems like just an avg run of the mill comic shop now. Really kind of sad. I always wondered what made them leave the original location - my guess is the rent once that area started becoming gentrified.


Oh man, the first time I went there.... And yes, Ivan, there was a basement. I would make so many trips there during the mid-80's to the early 90's, practically WEEKLY visits. Bought comics/t-shirts/VHS on the ground floor, GI Joe and Transformers downstairs.And that ceiling display with the figures and vehicles hung w/fishing line in a giant diorama.So many memories.

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