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April 05, 2013


GG Allin

And Iggy is hardly ever associated with CBGBs! He was a Max's regular! This movie ain't getting MY dimes.


Since much of history, no less rock history, is CONSTANTLY being REwritten, all we can do is try to REdirect people's eyeballs, ears and brains to documentaries that get a little closer to the truth.


Since I don't think my paste worked there...."Roots Of Punk' or "Burning Down The House" would do for now.

GG Allin

It all comes down to what sells and what makes the better storyline. We saw that happen in Lincoln and Argo last year, where key pieces of history were warped to "assist" the storyline. The directors dodged the post-release fact-checking by saying these were "movies," not documentaries, but that isn't an excuse that washes with me.

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