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April 04, 2013


GG Allin

Billy...Billy don't you lose my number.


Thanks for remembering. It was just sort of a local joint, once described -- can't remember where -- as "Cheers . . . with tits."


I remember The Building. Oh lord.


The first time I went to Billy's was in 1974, my older brother took me there for my 16th birthday!


I had never been in but I used to walk by there every single day.

There was also that unusual man who used to sit on that block wearing wrap around sunglasses. Anyone remember him? I never knew if he was homeless or just hanging out. He never asked for money but he was there all the time.

Tiffany LaRue

I worked there in the late 90's. I will always have a special place in my heart for Billy's.


Nice post. I remember this place well. A quiet little place to get a beer after work. One correction though. The name was changed, but no new letters were added. The owner brilliantly simply removed the apostrophe making BILLY'S TOPLESS BILLY STOPLESS.

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