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March 14, 2013



"Unfortunately, in the passage of time, I now now longer remember what building predated the Cooper Union dorm on that sliver of Third Avenue, so perhaps it is that corner."

I remember that strip well...Yes, there was a hardware store on the corner. I used to buy things from them rather than Brickmans 'cause they were closer. There was also a small furniture shop that sold futons and the jazz record store for Sounds (at least I think that was it). The japanese restaurant that starts w/ an S that's now in the Cooper dorm was upstairs from one of those stores back in the 80's.

Could be the shot.


Kamenstein's Hardware, right? I didn't think it was all that small.
Offhand, I think the window is a match.

Tim Merrick

Just glad to know I'm not the only person doing this with old photos of The Clash....

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