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March 30, 2013



HA! I remember that poster on the E4th public school wall, it was there for years. So bummed when they finally painted over it. I still have two copies of "Piece, Man", and those gum cards...

Chris Flash

COP SHOOT COP may play TSP25: The 25th Annual Tompkins Square Riot Reunion. We've got three dates in the park, as well as events after the park shows: July 28, August 3 + August 4, 2013.

Chris Flash

Alex in NYC

Hmmm...Tod's currently in Istanbul and Phil's currently on tour with SWANS (although, tantalizingly, not on those dates). Have you reached out to the other members, Chris? What more info can you share? Thanks! - Alex

Marc Fischer

Thanks for the nice acknowledgment of the collection on Public Collectors. Note that I only own (and need) one copy of the blood splattered 7". The other images are from copies that various people have sold or posted online.

William Burke

I still have a long-sleeved "Tour Tour" t-shirt I'll send to you... IF you take a shooting lesson at an NRA-approved range.

Receipt required, with rangemaster's signature.
You'll LOVE it, and you'll never be able to stop!

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