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March 26, 2013


GG Allin

I remember when videotapes cost $30-$40 (or more), which led to the rental store boom. The stores I rented from as a kid were usually small, neighborhood joints - not like this mega store!

Alex in NYC

Yeah, I remember one in my old neighborhood (U.E.S.) I want to say it was called Champagne Video ... and they asked a $100 membership fee, or something outlandish. Quaint.

James C. Taylor

A friend of my parents worked in the hi-fi business and had a stack of laserdiscs (and minidiscs, which failed to oust the CD). Seems so quaint now.

The Tower Records on Lafayette was still there in 2006/07... It's now an MLB Fan Cave (yeah, I have no idea either).


Ha! That's what I want for my birthday- a DVD rewinder!

rick mcginnis

You know something I noticed - besides the fashion? No uptalk, you know? Like, nobody (especially the women) ended their sentences? And even just phrases? In a question?

Man, the clothes might look quaint, but at least no one sounds like a dimwit teenager.

Alex in NYC

Ha. Hadn't noticed that, but you're right.

rick mcginnis

It's awful - our ears have gotten so used to this verbal disease that you start wondering why Orson Welles in Citizen Kane doesn't kick of the film by mumbing "So, like, Rosebud?" Future generations will mock us for this, if they haven't degenerated even further...

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